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Easy Educate is a market leader in Higher Education. As the first Indian organization to offer Ivy-League certificates in the South Asian region, we have established ourselves as pioneers in the
Executive Education market. Additionally, our efforts in creating numerous relationships between top-grade higher education institutions around the world and the corporate clients in India have placed us in an enviable position of trust in the Indian corporate arena.

Easy Educate’s forte is not in delivering cookie-cutter solutions to corporate problems. Our strength lies in understanding the client’s needs from the client’s perspective and putting it in the larger
context of corporate responsibility, corporate synergy, strategy and bottom-line. It is this unique perspective that sets us apart from the already slim competition in India.


Today’s corporations are armed with the best-of-the-breed professionals who are more qualified than any generation of professionals that precede them. But with this incredible quality of work-force comes an incredible responsibility of not only keeping the work force’s core competencies current but to also align these competencies to help build the organization’s success.

While many Organizations invest heavily on Human Resources (HR) professionals who are adept with the human resource competencies such as Selection and Staffing, Compensation and
Benefits, Policy Mapping and Employee Retention; very few organizations invest in learning
professionals with expertise in employee Learning and Development (L&D). The Learning and
Development needs are often thrust upon Human Resource professionals who are pushed with the additional burden of ensuring L&D success.

A reason for such a pattern is the underdevelopment of ‘Industry – Academia’ collaboration.
Consequently, there is a shortage of Learning Professionals with a complete understanding of an Organization’s Training requirements and the lack of ability to identify competent academic
partners to map these requirements. While today’s Human Resources professionals are more than willing to meet their end of the bargain by undertaking the L&D duties, we at Easy Educate feel that it is not equitable to ask the HR professionals to double up on their already-complex duties as each of these initiatives are time consuming and require a focused approach and a
persistent follow up.


We, at Easy Educate believe that L&D strategy is distinctly different from the human resource strategy and organizations require the services of Learning Professionals who can be a bridge
between organization’s business heads and HR teams in identifying the learning requirements, both technical and academic, and pair them with the most suitable academic partners to ensure the best knowledge transfer.