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Madhusudan Bandreddy

A Business Management Graduate, Mr. Madhusudan co-founded Easy Educate along with Krishna Grandhi. Mr. Madhusudan brings with him 15 years of management experience in the US, Europe, Middle East and the Indian sub continent.

Regarded by many as a ‘turn-around specialist’ Mr. Madhusudan started his career as an analyst in market research, where he was responsible for creating a number of tabulations to understand the consumer behavior.

Following this enormous success and with an insightful understanding of the consumer market, he moved into the challenging world of Television, Print Media and Content Management, where he worked as the Chief Executive Officer of a media Channel and conceptualized and executed a number of interactive programs. He also worked on networking solutions and implemented wired, wireless and mobile applications.

With these notable accomplishments under his belt and encouraged by the enormous potential in the Higher Education industry after the WTO agreement, Mr. Madhusudan co-founded Easy Educate, with the support and confidence of many industry leaders in Higher Education including several top engineering and business colleges in India.

Krishna Grandhi

Krishna Grandhi is a technology and IP attorney whose clients span the spectrum from start-up ventures to Fortune 500 companies. Krishna spent the early part of his career as a technologist at Cleveland State University (CSU), a large public university in the United States. During his work there, he was involved in the whole spectrum of student experience, from student enrollment to alumni affairs. He worked as a coordinator on the enrollment services team helping plan and build CSU’s first online application system. He worked as a technology director in the university advancement division for several years, supporting the work of various alumni and fund-raising initiatives. He gained valuable experiences both as a student, by serving as a student body president for the Indian students, as well as an alum, by serving as the first president of the international alumni association. His years at CSU helped him gain tremendous insights into the higher education system, both as a student and as an administrator.

Krishna’s legal practice gave him access to top-notch thinkers and entrepreneurs. As an IP attorney, Krishna helped many start-ups set-up and run successful businesses. On the other side of the start-up spectrum, Krishna helped several VCs and Angel groups make reasoned and well-researched investments in high-growth and high-value companies. Krishna’s experience with managing patent and IP portfolios of large multi-national corporations helped him develop a well-rounded understanding of the business of innovation and the short and long-term impacts of developing and investing in sustained and quality research programs.

Krishna received his MBA from Cornell University and JD from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, where he served as Executive Business Editor and Technology Editor for the Cleveland State Law Review. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science from Cleveland State University.

Advisory Team

Dr. Schupp started his career at Harshaw Chemical Co. (now Bicron Corporation) in Nov 1980, where he grew to the position of a Senior Scientist. While at Bicron, he designed a new crystal growth technique and in 1995, designed/built/operated the largest fluoride crystal-growth furnace in the world. A Ph.D. graduate of Cleveland State University, Dr. Schupp has been an instructor there since 1996, where he teaches Instrumental Analysis lecture/lab, along with General Chemistry I and II. At CSU, he uses a non-orthodox style of teaching designed to minimize note-taking and maximize the thought and memory process during the lecture.

In 1999, Dr. Schupp left Bicron to start his own crystal growth company, ACT Optics and Engineering. As a board member and CTO, he raised $3M from investors over a two year period and designed/built/operated the now largest crystal growth furnace in the world. He later took over the role of the President and CEO at ACT Optics, which is rated #2 in the world, by an independent research consortium SEMATECH. In late 2002, Dr. Schupp created his current crystal growth company, Schupp Advanced Materials with clients like GE, National Institute of Standards (NIST), Northrop Grumman Tokuyama, Schott Glass and the US Navy. Here, Dr. Schupp received a total of 5 patents on this new and novel growth technique.

Ahmed Shaaban

Dr.Aida Shekid

Virendra Prakash “VP” Jauhari

Rameshwar Pal “RP” Agarwal

Madana Kumar