"Celebrating 10 years of excellence in Education delivery"

Who we are

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Easy Educate™, a leader in Higher Educational Services, is operational around the globe, and is headquartered in Hyderabad India.

Easy Educate’s™ Management and Advisory Board have over 200 years of combined experience in Academia and Industry.

Our Team

  • Top faculty from distinguished universities
  • International Accreditation Executives
  • Fulbright Fellows
  • Executives from Fortune 500 companies

Our Accomplishments

  • Set up new programs and curricula
  • Designed new education ventures
  • Facilitated agreements between institutions
  • Implemented distance education initiatives
  • Created learning management systems

Our Mission

  • Providing World-Class educational services to the Indian student at an Indian price
  • Help top International institutions enter the Indian market
  • Create contemporary educational programs

The Opportunity

  • Increase the exposure of US Universities to millions of Indian Students
  • Provide Indian graduates with an alternative to the difficult process of US graduate School admission
  • Offer Indian executives high quality training based on an international curriculum
  • Allow professors with larger classes to keep their ‘personal touch’ using our EZ-Products
  • Meet demands of graduates from international universities who bring a multinational experience to the corporate table.

Easy Educate™ products and services bring education & people together