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Easy Educate has completed the financial closure with Pelligra Holdings, an Australian infrastructure major, to establish an Innovation University in India. The proposed University is being set up with an investment outlay of USD 145 Million. The critical differentiators for this innovation university will be its focus on applied research and the industry partnerships it will forge across the board in several different market verticals.

Applied Research: The University will dedicate a sizeable portion of its infrastructure to applied research initiatives. This will enable the State Of The Art University to be a hotbed for innovation, leading to the creation of marketable and licensable intellectual property. The key sectors of focus for the research will be in areas such as IT, automobile, aviation, renewable energy, defense, pharmaceuticals, biotech, environmental sciences and urban development.

Industry Partnerships: Applied research will also be a key anchor to forge university-industry partnerships across the globe. The University’s goal will be to incorporate industry inputs into the academic and training curriculums on a “day 1-to-day n” (i.e., total immersion) basis, effectively clearing the current gap between academic teachings and industry expectations. The ultimate objective of this partnership model will be to transform campus recruits into a corporate-ready workforce on the day of graduation.

The University’s focus on building self-sustaining research programs, developing marketable IP, and forging industry partnerships will lead to the grooming of high quality talent in key technology areas. Ultimately, the University’s vision will be to lead the way in the development of top-notch human capital that is needed to make India competitive in the new age economy.