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Why Us?

Having worked with the top 150 corporations in India since its inception, Easy Educate understands the challenges faced by most corporations in their current approach to the learning and development needs. Additionally, our work with eminent world-wide learning institutions and setting up customized programs for corporations in collaborations with these institutions has given us a corporate learning expertise like no other.

What are the Challenges?

One of the major challenges that Easy Educate perceives is the turn around time required for putting together academic partnerships. The process is a very time consuming activity and can some times take more than a year from inception to completion.

Our Strategy

  1. Help develop customized e-learning programs
  2. Help create customized Corporate Training Programs in partnership with Universities  The content of the programs will be designed by the Universities based on the needs and inputs of the Corporations. This will help lower recruitment and training costs.

Strategy Steps

  • Easy Educate has a strategy to make L&D work for you. We come in early in the employee development cycle and help you perform a thorough competency mapping. This competency evaluation/mapping will help map individual competencies to company’s business needs. We can also facilitate independent position evaluations, where the specific learning needs of a particular position within an organization are evaluated irrespective of the body occupying the position at the time.
  • We then tap into our global network of ‘Learning Partners’ which range from local Indian Institutions of Higher Learning to International Learning Centers of Excellence. Such an exercise is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We make a sustained investment in learning your organizational chart, your organization’s current standing in the market, where you would like to see your organization grow in 3,5 and 10 years. We then, evaluate the status quo of your learning initiatives, and where your learning programs are effective and not effective. We then come up with a comprehensive plan with your corporate objectives in mind.
  • When designing these custom executive development programs, we will help negotiate with our learning partners the best possible educational solution for your company. Whether it is obtaining deep discounts on otherwise off-the-shelf programs or negotiating a bundle pricing on newly developed custom programs, we have the experience and the expertise to negotiate and get you the best deal on the market. Our goal is to get you, our client, the best cost-savings possible.
  • We, at Easy Educate, do not limit our services to educational partnership and delivery. We believe in the overall success of your professionals and their ability to use their education to advance in the future by way of undergoing additional higher education. To this end, we don’t just pair you up with any partner, but only those partners whose accreditation status has been well established and accepted world-wide.
  • Easy Educate has worked with an array of delivery models in education – from traditional class-room learning to hybrid (blended) learning to fully online e-learning models. To this end, we understand the importance of content, faculty, evaluation and certification of any learning program. Trust us, we have been there and done that. We know the difference between contextual learning and off-the-shelf learning. We understand the difference between ongoing evaluations and participatory certifications. We will help facilitate the training needs of your L&D department and align it with the budgetary goals of your HR department.