Hariharan Iyer

After spending close to 10 years in IT consulting post a full time MBA program, I felt the need for an executive course which would not only refresh some fundamentals but at the same time give me a flavor of international education and current management trends. The executive certificate program did precisely that as well as much more in terms of enlightenment on subjects like transformational change and process improvement. There was a continuous emphasis on implementation to real life. This makes the course educating as well as fun and thought provoking. Its also a good break from the routine office work and helped me stay detached and discover some of my unexplored improvement areas.

Each of the courses has been delivered by the instructors with a lot of enthusiasm and practical knowledge despite the distance learning medium. I would recommend this executive certificate course to anyone who may not have the bandwidth for a full time international management program and are comfortable with a self-learning plus professor flavor. Wishing the Mcintire school of commerce and the Easy educate team more success for the future

Hariharan Iyer
Senior Consultant, Global Business Services, IBM with 12 Years of Work Experience.

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