Krishna Prasad

The Feedback on “McIntire Executive Certificate in Management Program” is very positive and in the past 1 year we have covered variety of topics related to management and leadership:

There are about 12 hours of online materials to be covered in a month.

These 12 hour lectures are split into 4 weeks :

1st Week to 3rd week would have contents related to the topic with each week having Weekly assessments and weekly discussions as well. There is also a forum to exchange ideas and ask questions to the instructor. Further there would also be an Essay writing every week to understand if the topic covered has been well understood by the participants.

4th week would be a review week with a LIVE webinar from USA by the instructor and we can ask questions in this 2 hour webinar.
This week would also have an Overview of the topics covered in last 3 weeks.

All this would lead to a final graded assessment and a minimum of 50% is required to pass.
Also , we need to earn a minimum of 4 participation points per course ( which is earned by participating in live webinar , participating in weekly discussion forums / essays / by asking questions to instructor etc ).

The course does cover important aspects and touches upon the vital concepts due to limited time. We are then asked to refer to material on the internet to know further in depth. It has really been a wonderful experience interacting with Elite and top instructors from University of Virginia and also discussing ideas with colleagues from other top IT companies.

The Value is definitely there to take-in from these courses and I highly recommend the same for someone looking to get a jump start into management cadre.

Krishna Prasad,
Senior Software Engineer, Tech Mahindra with 8.7 years of work experience.

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