Nirnay Ssharma

The Executive Certificate in Management as the name suggests is a comprehensive program, that helped me understand the concepts of business management, as in the real world. A world where everything is business and where opportunity seeks judgment derived on facts and figures outlined by strategies and convoluted by underlying principles of management. This course is a wonderful package, that helped me as a newbie, to understand and learn the otherwise intricately hybrid “fundas” of the business world. The tutors are exceptionally good and they break down the complex DNA of business so that we can get a clear picture in depth of every related aspect. I especially loved the external links of material provided by the professors, which gave me a chance to see and understand the scenarios in the real world.

Wonderful job by Easy Educate in introducing a world class education from a top university!

Nirnay Ssharma
Team Lead, IBM with 6 years of work experience.

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