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I have completed this Course from McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia. It was a nice learning Experience. The Course Material are structured, systematic and helped to think on application of Management Knowledge in our day-to-day life. There is … Continue reading

Senior Architect, Tech Mahindra having 20 years of work experience. 

In terms of the program , it was very informative . The program helped me achieve my learning objectives for the year and brush up my concepts. I would recommend the same to 5+ years experienced professionals to go for … Continue reading

Senior Program Manager, Tech Mahindra with 22 years of work experience. 

This program has helped me gain an overview of business world. Each module has been perfectly tailored to cater to our needs within the limited time-frame . The professors are exceptionally knowledgeable, and all have the ability to facilitate their … Continue reading

Team Lead, Tech Mahindra with 7.5 years work experience. 

The course has been very helpful and I have put it to use in my daily working. It helped a great deal ! Thanks to everyone who helped arrange this course. Cheers!! Devika Sangwan Assistant Business Analyst, Tech Mahindra with … Continue reading

Assistant Business Analyst, Tech Mahindra with 3.9 Years of work experience. 

The Feedback on “McIntire Executive Certificate in Management Program” is very positive and in the past 1 year we have covered variety of topics related to management and leadership: There are about 12 hours of online materials to be covered … Continue reading

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Mahindra with 8.7 years of work experience. 

The course is very well designed for the working professionals and I could very well manage to devote time for it on daily basis along with my day to day work in office. The course introduced me to the world … Continue reading

Solutions Designer, Tech Mahindra with 9.5 years of work experience. 

The Executive Certificate in Management as the name suggests is a comprehensive program, that helped me understand the concepts of business management, as in the real world. A world where everything is business and where opportunity seeks judgment derived on … Continue reading

Team Lead, IBM with 6 years of work experience. 

The Executive Certificate in Management Program by University of Virginia represents an outstanding opportunity for the Computer Science engineer like me. Having built quite a good technical expertise in the Mainframe Technology during 4 years, I followed the advice of … Continue reading

IT Specialist, IBM, with 6 years of work experience. 

Executive Management Program from Easy Educate offered by UVA is certainly the best top class highly ranked management Programs which cover all aspects from a business stand point. What attracted me the most is its flexibility to view the content … Continue reading

Standard Bid Manager, IBM with 4 Years – Work Experience. 

When I enrolled in to McIntire School of Commerce – Certificate in Management program, I had the perception that it will be another online course. However soon after its commencement I realized that it is lot more than an online … Continue reading

IT Specialist, IBM with 5 years of work experience. 

My opinion about the program is very positive, I would recommend this program to all my contacts with relevant experience coming from technical background. This program provides very realistic view by very experienced and consummate faculty members. This program has … Continue reading

Advisory System Programmer, IBM with 10 Years of Work Experience. 

I am Database Management Service Line owner with IBM India. I have over 20 years of experience in IT industry both as technologist and manager. Although I have been managing delivery and people for many years, I have not had … Continue reading

Database Management Service Line Owner, IBM with 20 Years of Work Experience. 

The selection of subjects in this Executive Certificate in Management Program is brilliant. I especially liked the introduction of subjects on Critical Thinking and Ethics, Ideation and Innovation and Process Management and Continuous Improvement. The subjects were covered in adequate … Continue reading

Project Executive, IBM with 18 Years of Work Experience. 

I would like to say that I am pleased with the course structure and contents used for the course, the course is well organized and the mechanism of using both video and voice along with text to deliver the subject … Continue reading

Senior Manager, IBM with 18 Years of Work Experience. 

Executive Certificate in Management Program is a very essential program for a self-driven business professional to understand latest concepts of management in 21st century. The program is very useful to improve one’s own skills to manage the Operations, finance, project … Continue reading

Project Manager, IBM with 13 Years of Work Experience. 

Right from the onset, Easy Educate and McIntire School of Commerce impressed me with their efficient, professional, Interactive sessions & user friendly teaching techniques – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results I was looking for. … Continue reading

Global Delivery Sector Fulfillment Lead, IBM with 17 Years of Work Experience. 

The Executive Certificate in Management Program from UVA is one of the good certificate programs that I have experienced so far. The course curriculum is an excellent blend of 10 modules that are precisely suitable for professionals with substantial managerial … Continue reading

General Manager, IBM with 19 Years of Work Experience. 

After spending close to 10 years in IT consulting post a full time MBA program, I felt the need for an executive course which would not only refresh some fundamentals but at the same time give me a flavor of … Continue reading

Senior Consultant, Global Business Services, IBM with 12 Years of Work Experience. 

Executive Management Program offered by McIntire School of commerce, University of Virginia is very informative and useful for Managers as well as Business Analyst professionals. It introduces and covers a wide variety of management topics along with real time case … Continue reading

Project Manager, IBM with 14 Years of Work Experience. 

I really enjoyed the course, and it has helped me a lot in gaining the new skills, refreshing my old techniques. And on many occasions I could apply the capability learned, in my day to day work and shared with … Continue reading

Global Leader - Delivery Excellence, IBM with 16 Years of Work Experience.